Friday, 4 April 2014

Part 3: It So Happened!!

It felt to me at that moment, only me and she exists in this whole world. It did not even occur to me that atleast I should know her name and where she works but my stars are good and by God's grace this incident happend.

I just followed her in fascination, not in the senses where I was and what I was doing!!! Then she got in to the lift first, then it was me.She stopped her music...May be her coleague was in same lift and said "Hi Nithya"  Then I knew she was Nithya.

I got a chance to observe her more closely now...She was like perfect meaning of beauty...She was wearing a blue jeans and a pink top with a heavy hand bag...those accessories enriched her beauty.   

She was busy speaking to her colleague and her words were like sweet music to me...The music which gives me happiness, which relieves me from stress kind of music. She reached her floor and moved out...but I was not lucky this time...I realized it when I tried following her this time too and got to know that it was not my office...patting my head my self I was back in lift again.

Now I have only her name with me and her office name and nothing apart from that...My mind started ways to reach her as soon as possible. It brought me back to senses and I called up Sameer...he is my best friend and working in Nithya's office(If at all she really works there or just came in to attend an interview or other purpose)...Sameer picked up the call in the 2nd ring itself...Where are you macha I asked him...Am in office man where else will I be at this time..he shooted me with words in phone..Okay, we have to meet immediately I said and he accepted.

We both work in different offices in the same building but share a common cafeteria...he is best buddy to me and I share  every goddamn thing happening in my Life with him. I was so curious and excited and explained everything to Sam. I even told him I was in LOVE with Nithya.

He was shocked to know that I have fallen in LOVE at first sight....and he like any other good friend advised me to think twice and make myself clear first. I did not wanted to disappoint him and said I will give  a thought about it.

 We are what we are, mostly because of the friends we make and with people we are surrounded is 100 percent true in my life...People in my life till now are my best...My Dad, Mom and sweet little sister and friends. Parties, pubs, adventure drives, movies,music were my world(of course work too;)).

 Soon after discussion,Me and Sam had our tea and left for work. I tried my best to focus on work but thoughts of her did not leave me and it made me restless and more curious to know more about her...

I again called up Sam in the afternoon and asked him if he can find details of Nithya. I know he needs time to find out but I was out of my nerves and was waiting very badly expecting a call from him till evening.

 Ram finally had words with Nithya??... Get to Know more in next week;)

Harika Bojanala

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